A proof-of concept replacement for the right-click in flash games.
This is a simple minesweeper-a-like game I threw together to test this solution to not being able to use right click in Flash. I'm not sure if anyone else has Apparently other people have tried similar solutions, but I haven't seen any (ahem … in a Flash game, at least — see bellow).

I've purposely left out how to play instructions on this, to see if users can figure out the mechanism on their own.

Once you've had enough, please feel free to Fill out this brief survey Just letting me know what you thought.
Turns out I re-invented the Pie Menu, though mine works a little differently than the standard model. In mine, the center click has it's own action, and use keyboard short cuts for auto-menu selection¹. That's what you get for only playing retro games, I guess.

¹play with the arrow keys

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