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Through the magic of Twitter, we here at Atomic Noggin Enterprises have been lucky enough to be tasked with researching and writing a Canadian web design showcase for Smashing Magazine. In their words, they are looking for a comprehensive description about the state of ...

... web design in Canada, identify some important designers, freelancers, design agencies, web design-related blogs etc. and also send me a list of links pointing to CSS galleries / Web design showcases of Canadian web designs (not just international designs created by designers from Canada, but Canadian corporate designs / portfolios / e-commerce-sites / blogs created specificially [sic] for Canadian audience).

On top of that, we would also like to try and spotlight our regional — East, West, Central, and Northern — and cultural — including First-Nations, and Quebecois — flavours and how they effect design in Canada.

If you would like to be in the showcase, or know someone who should be, please use the contact form below to let know why. Please remember to include a portfolio link.